Build Gates, Not Walls

There's a lot of talk right now about walls. Type "wall" into any social media account and you will undoubtedly find a debate over border walls. Gone are the days of building fortresses to stop invaders. Keeping people out of your country is not viewed favorably in this age of globalism, and many find consider … Continue reading Build Gates, Not Walls


I’m Pro You

The adult world is weird. There's all these unspoken codes of conduct, allegiances, and secret code words that seem to mean one thing but in reality mean another. One of these secret phrases has given me a lot to ponder lately. It's a sentence that I've kept hearing since I've entered the adult world. "I'm … Continue reading I’m Pro You

The Power of Sincerity

Personally, I've been feeling disenfranchised with this whole "Western society" thing lately. Between two major hurricanes, rising tensions between unstable world leaders, increased racial fighting, emboldened hate groups spewing their venom in a more public fashion, and the constant economic anxiety of the shrinking middle class, news and world events have been a real downer. … Continue reading The Power of Sincerity

A Place at the Table

My alma mater, Samford University, made headlines last week when it announced that it would not be accepting its annual $3 million from the Alabama Baptist State Convention. While President Westmoreland says the relationship is still important to the university, the public is viewing this action as Samford's first step in completely severing ties with … Continue reading A Place at the Table