This is Normal

I was sitting in a movie with my wife this past Saturday when I noticed a man shift down the aisle. He was walking pretty slowly, shuffling his feet and looking around the audience, almost as if he was scoping us, and immediately I thought, "Does that man have a gun?" My hairs on the … Continue reading This is Normal


The Power of Sincerity

Personally, I've been feeling disenfranchised with this whole "Western society" thing lately. Between two major hurricanes, rising tensions between unstable world leaders, increased racial fighting, emboldened hate groups spewing their venom in a more public fashion, and the constant economic anxiety of the shrinking middle class, news and world events have been a real downer. … Continue reading The Power of Sincerity

A Place at the Table

My alma mater, Samford University, made headlines last week when it announced that it would not be accepting its annual $3 million from the Alabama Baptist State Convention. While President Westmoreland says the relationship is still important to the university, the public is viewing this action as Samford's first step in completely severing ties with … Continue reading A Place at the Table

“Oft in Sorrow…”

...oft in woe, Onward Christian, onward go. Fight the fight, maintain the strife, Strengthened with the Bread of Life." There have been way too many hashtags on my twitter feed this past month: #Dallas #PiedmontParkHanging #PhilandoCastile #AltonSterling #Baghdad #Bangladesh #Orlando These acts of violence are unfathomable. To watch people's lives gunned down on camera and … Continue reading “Oft in Sorrow…”